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Couronne League week 326


[screenshot from league room taken about 30 minutes before judgement]


This week Simon (DK) won his 19th elite gold, and it was his 2nd won gold in a row now.

Zimond and L-H(SWE) dropped down from elite.


[screenshot from league room taken about 30 minutes before judgement]

From Div 1A Kliffhanger advanced to elite. not too much of a active league week in div 1A this week :O



[screenshot from league room taken about 30 minutes before judgement]

From Div 1B MIKE807 advanced to elite, well played :)



[screenshot from league room taken about 30 minutes before judgement]


Couronne League

Top 10 Allround league winners



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Simon (DK) vs Zimond!


Tonight at 8pm CET Simon (DK) will play his couronne league game against Zimond.. dont miss to watch the game!!! :))



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Couronne League week 324


[screenshot from league room taken right before judgement]


This week Cronos won his 12th elite gold, nicely played!! :)

Iznogoud and zonic dropped down from elite.



 [screenshot from league room taken right before judgement]

From Div 1A Katjziska advanced to elite, well played sis and good luck in elite now!! :)



 [screenshot from league room taken right before judgement]

From Div 1B Zimond advanced to elite.



 [screenshot from league room taken right before judgement]



Couronne League



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Team Sweden vs The World Team!


Simon (DK) is arranging a Sweden vs The World couronne match!

I think it’s great that he’s arranging this kind of match, and I am looking forward to see the games!!

The games is played best of 7, and will probably get played next weekend, more info about that later when the date and time is set.

 Team Sweden includes the players:


2010-01-02_1932hjerternio 2010-01-02_1933zimond 2010-01-02_1934riiiv 2010-01-02_1935godisguden 2010-01-02_1935andreasaswardh

hjerterNio   Zimond   riiiv   GodisGuden   and   andreasaswardh

World Team includes the players:


2010-01-02_1928simondk 2010-01-02_1928muv3 2010-01-02_1930cronos 2010-01-02_1930braverymonkey 2010-01-02_1931webdesigner

Simon (DK)  muv3  Cronos  braverymonkey  and  WebDesigner

The matches:

hjerterNio vs muv3

Zimond vs Cronos

riiiv vs braverymonkey

GodisGuden vs Simon (DK)

andreasaswardh vs WebDesigner


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Hall of Fame for Couronne is done :)


The Hall of Fame for Couronne players is now done.

Click here to see the page.

It’s all based on shockplayers nominations, and the top 5 nominated players made it to The Hall of Fame.

I got in nominations from 26 players.

The nomination motivations I present for the top 5 is thoughts from the players that voted for that player.

The list of the top 5 nominated players:

091214godisguden 1. GodisGuden 20 votes

Nomination motivations:

Shockplays sweep god with his amazing 10 000 clean sweeps!

He is awesome with his offensive play style!

091214hektor 2. Hektor 14 votes

Nomination motivations:

For his couronne performances, one of the best players ever! Eternal champion!

091214daca2 3. DaCa 13 votes

Nomination motivations:

For his couronne performances, his admin performances and for all the official tournaments he has arranged!

091214zimond 4. Zimond12 votes

Nomination motivations:

For being one of the best players at Shockplay, he has achieved a lot in quite short time! Just have a look at his trophys?

091214muller *shared place 5. Müller – 8 votes

Nominations motivations:

For being one of the first outstanding great players we have ever seen at shockplay! Not many could take him on when he was at his best!

091214marrubou *shared place 5. marrubou – 8 votes

Nominations motivations:

For her involvement for shockplay through her blog!

One of the nicest players!             (aww, thx guys) ;)

091214andreasaswardh*shared place 5. andreasaswardh – 8 votes

Nominations motivations:

One of the best players here aswell, remember the times he dominated the league? Clean sweep master too :)


And the rest of the votes landed to:
Puffe – 7 votes
Mr Daydreamer – 6 votes
Katjziska – 4 votes
matrixpower – 4 votes
Terranaut – 3 votes
wolfman – 3 votes
Simon (DK) – 3 votes
WebDesigner – 2 votes
Cronos – 2 votes
Kliffhanger – 2 votes
TheWolf – 2 votes
Roughedge – 2 votes
jayathecat – 2 votes
sese – 2 votes
atomix27 – 1 vote
scandalplayer – 1 vote
L-H(SWE) – 1 vote
Envis – 1 vote
braverymonkey – 1 vote
riiiv – 1 vote
inqy – 1 vote
Agentbrown 123 – 1 vote
Karamellkungen – 1 vote
dunderolga – 1 vote
Rocketman – 1 vote
Red Fear – 1 vote
wickey27 – 1 vote


Thank you everyone that nominated players for this Hall of fame!

And as this kind of Hall of Fame was DaCa’s idea.. and as he being the Couronne League admin.. he will get to use a “wild card” if he like.. and choose in one more player to the hall of fame.. time will tell if he will use it ;)

It all started with this post.


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Yesterdays clean sweep competition.



2009-11-23_2332cronos + 2009-11-23_2333iznogoud

Team Cronos and Iznogoud won yesterdays clean sweep competition!! Congrats :)

They had 11 sweeps together, Cronos swept 6 times and Iznogoud 5 times so it was pretty even in their team :)

2009-11-23_2334iiindes + 2009-11-23_2335marrubou

iiindes tried to sweep our team to the win when my game was baaad like *beeep*.. he made 10 sweeps by himself so he won the individual contest at least.. :) sorry for my bad game :/


Team Kliffhanger werent long behind with their 8 sweeps either :) Kliffhanger swept 7 times and Thörna19 once.

2009-11-23_2347zimond  + 2009-11-23_2359lh

Zimond played with L-H(SWE)..  and L-H(SWE) had to leave about after 50 minutes so I guess the team play never really got on?? =) Zimond swept 7 times anyway :)

2009-11-23_2339riiiv + 2009-11-23_2354agaton

Team riiivagaton swept 4 times.. agaton swept 3 times.. when it was about 20 minutes left riiiv left me behind to be the zero by myself by sweeping his first (damn you^^)

Anyway, thanks for participating everybody!!

As usual, we dominated the SP news :)









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The sweep competition… :)

We were not many teams that participated in tonights clean sweep competition but it was fun anyway!

We played two hours.. from 8.15pm-10.15pm CET!

I swept my 3 sweeps in the first 30 minutes and then it just wouldnt go my way… :/



2009-11-01_2253kat 2009-11-01_2255mrd

Katjziska = 5 clean sweeps and Mr Daydreamer = 14 Clean sweeps

Total: 19


2009-11-01_2259marrubou 2009-11-01_2258zimond

marrubou = 3 clean sweeps and Zimond = 13 Clean sweeps

Total: 16


2009-11-01_2300kartellen 2009-11-01_2301u

kartellen = 3 clean sweeps and UltiMateInsanity = 1 clean sweep

Total: 4


2009-11-01_2302nippeh 2009-11-01_2303hawkmooon

Nippeh = 3 clean sweeps and Hawkmoon = 0 clean sweeps

Total: 3

Just look how we all together totally dominated the news!


2009-11-01_2239sweep2 2009-11-01_2240sweep3





Katjziska and Mr Daydreamer!!!!

2009-11-01_2253kat 2009-11-01_2255mrd

Individual contest winner:

Mr Daydreamer


– When it was 5 minutes left it was a tie between mine and Katjziskas team… but somehow Mr Daydreamer pot 3 sweeps (in a row?) and climbed up both in the individual competition by Zimond, whom had 13 sweeps.. and left our team behind!! :)

Nicely played Mr Daydreamer, and Katjziska of course!

   And thanks for a great arranged competition Mr d :)





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