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Couronne League week 327


[screenshot from league room taken right before judgement]


This week Mr Daydreamer won his 3rd elite gold, well done!! :))

grbavica and Dunderolga dropped down from elite.



[screenshot from league room taken right before judgement]

From Div 1A Iznogoud advanced to elite.



[screenshot from league room taken right before judgement]

From Div 1B zonic advanced to elite.


[screenshot from league room taken right before judgement]


Couronne League




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Tonights clean sweep competition!



Clean sweep competition tonight between 9-10.30 pm CET!


Participating players and amount of clean sweeps:

Mr Daydreamer – 14 sweeps

Cronos – 13 sweeps

iiindes – 9 sweeps

Nippeh – 4 sweeps

wolfman – 3 sweeps

marrubou – 2 sweeps

Iznogoud – 1 sweep

e-corre – 1 sweep

2010-01-21_2257mrd Mr Daydreamer won tonights sweep competition on sudden death against Cronos!

The shocking news during the competition!








[with only a few seconds left of original playtime Mr Daydreamer made it a tie by sweeping his 13th clean sweep for tonight!]


[And then Mr Daydreamer were the first one to sweep on sudden death!]

2010-01-21_2250gc [by that, the gold coin ended up to Mr D!]

Congrats to the win Mr Daydreamer!
He actually swept 5 sweeps in 5 minutes time, that is crazyyy!


[Mr Daydreamers screenshot of his 5 sweeps in 5 minutes]


It was a close call between Cronos and Mr Daydreamer all the way though.. and congrats to Cronos, as he now has 5000+ clean sweeps! Well done!!! :)

Fun gaming night.. right? Thanks everyone for participating!

Next time I think I am just going to go around in the games to watch some good sweeping!!! :D that might just aswell be as fun as being in the competition playing!

(You can read more about the competition here. )


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I loooove you Kat!


I’ve just watched the first bronze match in the 3rd team match!

It was between Katjziska and Mr Daydreamer.

And I must say that I have never been so proud of Katjziska’s play than tonight! She totally killed it!

She won with 4-0 against Mr Daydreamer!!! Can you believe it??? :)

It is now looking much better for our chance to the bronze.. as told we have 1-1 in team matches against Mr Daydreamers team.

If we only would tie the 3rd team match we would win… I like the odds. :)

Simon (DK) recorded the game.. we’ll see if we can get it up and published so you can see the game :)


Team tuggummi here to rock your world.. if not in final game.. at least in bronze game????! ;)

Anyhow, we’ll see how the rest of the games goes now.. Mr Daydreamers team is not a easy team to beat… anything can still happen ;)

But after tonights game we are just glaaaaad!

And that even more as Kat were nervous before the game, so she didnt even know if she wanted to play.. but I like to think I pushed her through the game with my lovely messages on msn during game.. hihi.

Over and out. More NCL Bronze games tonight (thursday).. would be great if someone recorded the games as I might not be able to watch :((

            NCL Final Play



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Team Mr Daydreamer – wolfman – Mularn





Team Mr Daydreamerwolfman Mularn took home the first team match win in the NCL Bronze game against my team (tuggummi!, marrubou, Katjziska).

Game results in the first team match:

wolfman vs marrubou 4-2

Mr Daydreamer vs Katjziska 4-3

wolfman vs tuggummi! 0-4

Mr Daydreamer vs tuggummi! 4-2

Team Mr Daydreamer won match with 3-1 and 12-11 in set difference.

Update, 2nd team match played now too!


Played games in the 2nd team match:

Mr Daydreamer vs Katjziska 2-4 

Mr Daydreamer vs tuggummi! 1-4

wolfman vs Katjziska 1-4

Team tuggummi! won the 2nd team match with 3-0 and 12-4 in set difference! Yey! :) 1-1 in team matches now…


NCL Final Play



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First Team match in NCL bronze game.




         tuggummi!                 marrubou                       Katjziska



      Mr Daydreamer            wolfman                       Mularn

Today (wednesday) we will play the first games in our NCL bronze game.

We will start to play from 8pm CET. Just keep an eye on shocking news if you are interested of watching the games :)


NCL Final Play



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Team hjerterNio – Iznogoud – Playshocker




Team hjerterNioIznogoud Playshocker just have secured a place in the FINAL GAME of NCL 2009 by winning their NCL semifinal!! Very well played guys!! And big congrats!!

They beat Team Mr Daydreamer – wolfman – Mularn with 2-1 in team matches.

The Final game of NCL 2009 will be settled between Team hjerterNio – Iznogoud – Playshocker and Team Simon (DK) – North Star – In-The-Emi!

Day and time for first team match in the final coming up when there is one :)

I think we will settle the bronze game first, between my team and Mr Daydreamers team.

NCL Final Play



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First NCL Bg Quarterfinal settled :)




I and Katjziska kept on playing against Mr Daydreamer and pepzgirl.. and we now have won 2 team matches!! :)

Feels good, but its still hard to meet teams where you know one-and another IRL.. in this case even family.. oh well.

Thanks for very good games Mr Daydreamer and pepzgirl!

All game results;

Team Match 1:

Katjziska vs pepzgirl 7-4
marrubou vs Mr Daydreamer 5-7
Katjziska vs Mr Daydreamer 7-4
marrubou vs pepzgirl 7-1

Team Match 2:

marrubou vs pepzgirl 7-3
Katjziska vs pepzgirl 7-2
marrubou vs Mr Daydreamer 7-6

The games wasnt without excitement.. I was down 1-6 in my last game against Mr Daydreamer. :)

Anyway, now my team get to rest before the semifinal games that wont start until the 9th December. Which team will we get to meet????=)))



NCL BG Final Play



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