Two Tribes



There really aint many players that play this game, I have played it only a few times myself… kind of hard..

But it all makes more sence after reading the instructions for the game though ;) and it is a interesting game to say at least….



Check the instructions out:

Good luck, challenge Cheese on this game, he would be so glad if you did :D




9 responses to “Two Tribes

  1. Cheese

    Yeah, lets play :D

  2. Cheese

    Come on, beat me :)

  3. I so will someday soon ;D

  4. braverymonkey

    I would play cheese but im a wuss xD
    he’d ruin my 100% win maybe

  5. Cheese

    I think I cant, but be warned for marru ;)

  6. braverymonkey

    Hmm, Im scared now xD
    Ill hide with my rank 1

  7. We will hunt you down :D

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