Shanghai multiplayer



Shanghai multiplayer is so much fun to play.. but there arent too many players that play it anymore. :/

The games is faaaast and exciting… you get a big advantage if you are good at seeing available moves long ahead and can plan on how to proceed and early can see when there soon wont be any more moves left..


Shanghai multiplayer top list atm:


In my opinion “Michael Phelps” do not deserve to be ranked as 1, he shouldnt be on this list at all! He cheats with points!

Also.. Kat’s old account should be removed all together. (place 8) 

So.. in my opinion the shanghai multiplayer top 5 is:

1. Katjziska

2. The Winner of it all

3. yeeha

4. marrubou

5. Hallstorp


My games played:


[updated 16th November 2009]



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  1. Excuse me for commenting OT … which Word Press theme are you using? It looks great.

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