Magicsplit Bowling


MagicSplit Bowling



This is a game I’m not too good at here at Shockplay, or even IRL.. but its fuuun!!! :D

My wonders for this game is.. if you’re good playing it IRL are you automatically good at playing it over the web?

I don’t think so anyhow, but that would be cool wouldnt it? :) 

As it is now, there are only 7 players that has made it with full score of points, which means 300 points!!! strikes only, down with all pins all the way to speak.. ^^,

Do you like the game or not?

Anyone of you good at it? Is there some secrets to the game? Some certain way to aim, or etcetera?? ;)

I just think its a game you play sometimes at SP or just try out, not playing it too often anyway?

There is no way it can get as good over the web than playing it IRL!



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