marrubous shockplay game ranking

                  marrubous shockplay game ranking


I like to play the most games at SP.. but if I would rank the games it would look like this:



1. Couronne (cant get enough.. even if it gets too much sometimes it always keeps on being fun to play both point games, league, tours……)


2. Backgammon (like the game a lot.. but I am not so much for playing point games of it though… league is the best!!)


3. Shanghai – both multi- and singleplayer (love the game, but I play it “in periods”.. if I play it, I play it A LOT! ^^)


4. TT (it’s fun to smack the ball around sometimes.. if I hit the table to speak)..


5. Cosmic Connection (fun game.. but I give up too easy if I get stuck on a level so I havent played it for a long while now!!! =D)


6. Slotcar (fun to race sometimes.. feel the rush, eh?)


7. Magic Split Bowling (trying my best to take the pins down damnit..)


8. Scribble (fun game to play, but I’m too bad at drawing so I don’t play it too often!! ^^)


9. Othello (have no clue of what I’m doing while playing it so I just put the bricks where ever is the closest..haha, nah. well. kind of.)


10. Two Tribes (have had some fun games trying to beat Cheese)


11. Cavehunter (I survive about max 3 sec before I crash..haha..)


12. Chess (cant play the game for a bit.. would wanna learn..)

                                                 How would you rank the games??


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