marrubous backgammon



I have played backgammon since about year 2004-2005.

Can’t really remember whom teached me to play it, hmm might have been matrix power?

Anyway.. I were just one of the “regular” bg lg players in the league when I got the chance to take over the backgammon league as admin in June 2008.. when I took on the part as admin I started to put more time and effort into the league play, which payed off quite instantly.. I won 7 elite gold year 2008.. :) and here we are now yet many more gold after.. year 2009 and I’m still fighting in the elite league!! ^^

I really appreciate everything I’ve learned during this time as admin and still am…

I’m not only playing backgammon at Shockplay like I’ve only used to do before.. Now I am playing at other sites too, and its good to do so.. you improve your game skills that way ;)

“A trip down my elite gold memory lane”

“My first official tournament medal”

“marrubou backgammon league admin for 1 year”


“Trying to play backgammon surrounded by a whole bunch of butterflies”


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