Backgammon League winners Top 10 + records



Top 10 – Backgammon League Elite gold winners:


  1. wickey27 with 50 elite golds.
  2. Red Fear with 34 elite golds.
  3. marru(bou) with 20 elite golds.
  4. Battie with 13 elite golds.
  5. Landskrona with 11 elite golds.
  6. zinnglanz and Simon (DK) with 10 elite golds.
  7. Lacey and Katjziska with 8 elite golds.
  8. hard2beat and WebDesigner with 7 elite golds.
  9. Ginnie and celinakyle with 6 elite golds. 
  10. Royal, simply play! and kira22 with 5 elite golds.


 Record of won amount gold in a row:

1. even between Royal and wickey27 with 4 won golds in a row.

2. even between Red Fear and wickey27 with 3 won golds in a row.

3. even between wickey27, Red Fear, zinnglanz, Battie, Lacey, WebDesigner, haoleman, marrubou, DaCa, Landskrona and Traker14 with 2 won golds in a row.



 Amount of played elite weeks top 10:

(coming up)



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