My NCL Team






Now its time for another NCL Tournament, and this time its a official tournament at Shockplay, which means the best teams will win prizes and trophys!!!

tuggummi! asked me to be in team with him and of course I wanted to be in team with “my old team mate tummitummi” :D

And.. from start we were aiming and aiming for to get Katjziska to join the team with us with no success.. we took in another player in our team (The-Gringo), and when it was last day (!) to sign up and to make changes in the teams Katjziska took our offer to join us anyway (clearly she was interested all along), so it was a fast change playerwise.. but a welcome one.. The-Gringo is a good player.. but its fun to have Katjziska on board.. we 3 have been in competitions at Shockplay before as a team called; Thumbs up! (tuggummi!, marru, Katjziska and Mr Daydreamer).

So now we are 3/4 of “Thumbs up” in this NCL Tournament, and we will rock your world ;)

Here you can find our game results:

Couronne Round 1

Couronne Round 2

 Couronne Round 3

Our NCL Final Play off 2009

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