About marru(bou)




My name is Marika, I have played at Shockplay for 6,5 years time now!!

I have took some shorter and some longer breaks through the years but I always have keep coming back ;) There is just something special about this game site, but I cant really put my finger on what!

I started 2003 and played on the nickname marru til September 2009, when I “upgraded” it to marrubou ;)  


I’ve been admin for the backgammon league at the site since June 2008, when I took over after all of our favourite player Cheese.

Games I like to play at SP, are mostly couronne, backgammon and shanghai (both single and multiplayer).. but you can also find me trying to play the other games aswell! ;o)

This site marrubou.com were from the beginning about both Shockplay and my personal life, now it’s only about Shockplay related things..

Hope you like it :)

See you around at SP..!

{Updated 3rd  January 2010}


15 responses to “About marru(bou)

  1. Sharon

    Good luck in school Maru!!! Nice site

  2. Cheese

    Marika fantastisk hemsida, du har gjort mycket bra, jag är stolt över dig.
    Kan ni också för mig som en vacker hemsida?

    Sorry for my bad Swedish, I am not sure about it :)

  3. Tack haha

    Nah it was fine for a cheese to figure out ^^,

    So, finnish next time then =D

  4. Cheese

    Youre wish is my command :)

    Marika fantastinen sivusto, olet tehnyt hyvin, olen ylpeä sinusta.
    Voitteko myös minulle kaunis sivusto?

  5. hehe kiitos juusto :)

    Mistä sina haluat kirjoittaa sinun sivussa?

  6. kira22

    wonderfull baby :)

  7. Sondo

    Hej söt, hur e d???

  8. Tjaaa, har du hittat tillbaka till internetvärlden? hahah

    Det e finfint med mig!!! Hoppas allt e bra med dig oxå!! :D :D

  9. Thanks, very kind of you!! :)

    It was nice to play against you xD

  10. kyllähän mää sen näin kauan sitten kun lähetit ! :)

    pitäiskö katsoa sit taas =)

  11. OK, Sorry, en muistanut. =)

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