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Lets play!



Wohoo I’m still in Div 1 in couronne league..  now lets play coin league ;)



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About The Gold Coin League.


The thought behind this tournament is that it will be a gold coin tournament out every friday that is active for a weeks time.

As told this “Coin League” is for players currently in Elite, Div 1A and Div 1B.

The games will be best of 5  just like in the Couronne League, the one that ends up at 1st place in the tournament when the time goes out is the one that win the gold coin! (which means there will not be any semifinals/final to play).

The gold coin is worth 30 days of free playtime at Shockplay!

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you only can win max one gold coin a month, which mean if you win a gold coin you won’t get invited for another tournament before 3 weeks have passed.

  • If you don’t have any intention to try to play all games, simply just dont play at all!
  • If you don’t want to get invited, let Katjziska know about it.
  • Common sence/manner applys, if someone misbehaves.. make sure to take screenshots.
  • In particular cases you can get a walkover win with 3-2 against a player, whom you for some reason havent get your game played against (if he has refused etcetera).
  • If there are walkover wins that will change the score table in the tour, they will be presented at a page that will be made here at (link coming up).
  • If a player misbehaves, they can get excluded from the tournament for 4 weeks time.

Good luck everyone!

It is Katjziska whom is in charge of this gold coin league, if you have anything you need to get a answer on about it, or help.. contact her at Shockplay! Namnlös

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League Coin tours!

katjziska2236!! From this weeks Couronne league judgement, Katjziska will arrange a coin tournament every friday after the judgement for the players currently in Elite, Div 1A and Div 1B.


It is like a extra league on the side, where the league players play about a gold coin.

The gold coin is worth 30 days of free playtime at Shockplay!

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you only can win max one gold coin a month, which mean if you win a gold coin you won’t get invited for another tournament before 3 weeks have passed.

I think this will be fun.. adds a little more meaning for the coin tournament(s).. div 1 players get to meet elite players in this “extra league”. Great idea Katjziska!

Hope I get to stay in div 1 now so I can make it to your first league gold coin tour :)




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Shockplay Olympics


Shockplay Olympics
Här följer lite information om turneringen DaCa ska anordna, med mig (marrubou) som hjälpreda :)
Turneringen kommer att starta den 13 februari, vilken är en couronne lagtävling! Exakt tidslängd för turneringen helhet och de olika momenten kommer upp lite senare. Men det kommer att vara en kort och intensiv tävling!
Matcherna kommer att spelas bäst av 5 set hela vägen.

  • 3 manna lag – spelare från samma land T.ex. “Sverige Lag 1”. Det är inga restriktioner på hur ‘bra spelare får vara’ för att vara i samma lag.
    • Vissa länder får dock “låna” in en spelare från ett annat land! (gäller ej sverige!) Det gäller till exempel om man är två stycken från ett land som vill vara med och spela, men ej har en tredje spelare från samma land. Och är det så att man är t.ex. 5 spelare från låt oss säga Danmark som vill vara med, så ska ett av lagen vara komplett (alltså Danmark Lag 1 är komplett med tre spelare från Danmark, medan Danmark Lag 2 kan då bestå utav 2 spelare från Danmark och 1 inlånad spelare från ett annat land! Laget kallas fortfarande Lag Danmark oavsett). 
  • Man får inte spela matcher åt sin lagkamrat, alltså med annans konto! Om vi kommer på att någon gör det så blir laget diskvalificerat.
  • Varje lag ska utse en lagkapten som ansvarar för sitt lag, ser till att de sköter sig, får till matcher o.s.v.
  • Vid fall av walkover, kommer en wo win att vara 3-0.

Sverige som ju är ett mycket representativt land för couronne på Shockplay, får anmäla in hur många lag som helst.


Själva spelupplägget:
Spelarna i lagen sprids ut i olika grupper, ett exempel:
Spelare 1 från laget spelar i Grupp 1
Spelare 2 från laget spelar i Grupp 2
Spelare 3 från laget spelar i Grupp 3

Spelare från samma lag hamnar aldrig i samma grupp, förrän i finalen.

Samlad poäng
Alla i laget spelar på sina håll men ändå för laget då spelarnas resultat i sina grupper räknas ihop inom laget, det med poäng i sin grupp och deras +/-.  
I den första omgången kommer det att vara 6 manna grupper (1 från varje lag) vilket menas att det spelas 5 matcher var och de 8 bästa lagen, oavsett hur många lag vi blir med kommer att gå vidare till kvartsfinaler!
Då är vi 24 stycken spelare kvar i den andra omgången – kvartsfinalen. Spelarna hamnar då i 3 grupper med 8 spelare i vardera grupp (1 spelare från varje lag). De 4 bästa lagen med mest samlad poäng går vidare till semifinal!
I den tredje omgången – Semifinalen med 4 lag – 12 spelare kvar spelas det i 3 grupper med 4 spelare i vardera (1 spelare från varje lag).

I finalen sedan så är de 2 lagen, 6 spelare i samma grupp och gör upp om turneringvinst! Då spelar man 3 matcher var (möter alla i motståndarlaget).

Grupperna kommer att finnas ute på SP så att man kan kolla runt i turneringarna.

Priserna för turneringen presenteras sen, det kommer ej att delas ut pokaler i denna turnering, och det för att vi ska försöka hålla ner antalet “medaljturneringar”, så att medaljerna inte tappar sin status.

Senare i höst kommer det att arrangeras antingen en masters turnering eller VM, och då kommer medaljer att delas ut!

Här kan ni se alla lagen som är med i Olympics:

Alla ny inlägg om Shockplay Olympics kommer att publiceras här:



Shockplay Olympics
Here follows some information for the upcoming tournament that DaCa is going to arrange, with me (marrubou) at his side.

The tournament starts 13th of February, which is a couronne team competition!
Exact length of time for the tournament and its different moments will be presented later, but it will be a short and intensive competition!
The games will be played best of 5 set the whole way.


  • 3 man teams – with players from the same country, for example "Team Sweden 1". There is no restrictions for ‘how good’ the players in a team can be.
  • Some countries get to "borrow" in a player from another country! (does not apply for sweden teams!) This rule applys for the teams that for example has 2 players that wants to participate, and they don’t have a 3rd team mate from the same country. And if it’s like for example that Denmark has 5 players that wants to participate in the tournament, one of their teams must be complete with 3 players from Denmark, like this: Team Denmark 1; 3 players from Denmark and Team Denmark 2: 2 players from Denmark + one borrowed player from another country, the team is still named Denmark.
  • You are not allowed to play your team mates games, to play with another ones accounts! If we see anyone doing like that, the team will get disqualified.
  • Every team shall name a team captain whom answer for their team, makes sure the team mates behave and play their games and so on.
  • If happenings of a walkover, a walkover win will be set as 3-0.

Sweden, as is a representative country for couronne at Shockplay, can sign up how many teams they want.


The game structure:
The players in the teams will be spread out in different groups, a example:
Player 1 from the team play in Group 1
Player 2 from the team play in Group 2
Player 3 from the team play in Group 3

The players in a team never are in the same group, until in the final.


Collected points
The players in a team play in different groups on their own but still play for their team as their results in their groups will be counted together, with their points and +/-.

In the first round it will be 6-man groups (1 player from every team), which means its 5 games that every player must play and the 8 best teams, regardless of how many teams we are proceed to quarterfinals!
Then we are 24 players left in the second round – quarterfinal. The players then play in 3 groups with 8 players in every group (1 player from every team). The 4 best teams with most collected points proceed to semifinal!
In the third round – Semifinal with 4 teams – 12 players left it will be 3 groups with 4 players in each (1 player from every team).
In the fourth round – The final we have the 2 best teams left, 6 players in the same group will play about the tournament win! Then you play 3 matches each (meet everyone in your opponent team).

The groups will be out at Shockplay so that you can look around in the tournament rooms.

The prizes will get presented later, we will not give out any trophys for this tournament, and that because of to try and hold down the amount of "medal tournaments", so the medals dont loose their status.


Later on in autumn there will be either a masters tournament or a world championship held, and then medals will be given out!


Here you can see all the teams that are in the Olympics:


All further posts about Shockplay Olympics will get posted at




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Info coming soon!


Later today I will present information about the upcoming Shockplay Olympics tournament, dont miss it! :)



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The clean sweeps :)


Here you have my video of the clean sweeps made during the final game of “COIN happy b-day M and K!” tournament :)




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Mr Daydreamer won the coin tour!



Mr Daydreamer won the gold coin tournament final game against tuggummi! Congrats :)


I will publish a video of some sweeps made during that final game later :)


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