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New site is up and running!!!


Now you all can go over to the new site!
The site is now up and running, there is a lot more to do but have a look!! :)))

This is my last post here at marrubou.com!

The new adress is:


make sure to add it to favourites ;)


EDIT: If you are trying to find pages etcetera on this site, add wordpress to the ‘broken links’

Example; Join Shockplay Olympics:

http://marrubou.com/2010/01/27/shockplay-olympics/   —–> https://marrubou.wordpress.com/2010/01/27/shockplay-olympics/

And this because I no longer own the domain http://marrubou.com, the web adress is https://marrubou.wordpress.com

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Chess League week 327


[screenshot from league room taken about 1,5 hour before judgement]


This week wickey27 won her 9th elite gold, and it was her 3rd won gold in a row now.

Chess League

Top 10 Allround League winners


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