The coin tournament :)

COIN happy b-day M and K!


I think this gold coin tournament was successful and very fun to play!

We were 27 players total, 26 of us played! Not bad at all!!

Before today we were 8 players that had signed up for this tour, but I got in many more at “last minute!” ;)

2010-01-24_2341bobbyc 2010-01-21_2250gc

[Bobby.C took home one gold coin! Can he win the second one that is at stake too?]

As we were so many players that played, I held on to my promise about having two gold coins in this tournament! One gold coin ended up to Bobby.C I had a little competition on the side: First one to win 7 games won one of the gold coins, and Bobby.C made it first!

Just too bad the final play didnt get played tonight too, one semifinal is played.. the other one will get played tomorrow night! And probably the final too! :D Looking forward to see those games.

Thank you everyone for participating, it has been a long while since I played in these kind of “onlines” tournament with so many players really trying to play all their games.. instead of just quitting as soon as it goes downhill :)

Anyway, good luck to the players that still is in the play!





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3 responses to “The coin tournament :)

  1. Det var en lyckad tävling Marru , kul med bra uppslutning också där de flesta spelar många matcher med, kul:=)
    Alltid kul att göra tävlingar som blir lyckade, jag är bergis på många sitter med bra ideer som inte kommer längre än så.
    Det vore kul att höra vad för sorts tävlingar alla spelare skulle gilla ( alla spel inräknade)
    Kanon om nån sa sin ide, vem vet^^
    Ni måste ju inte skriva här om ni inte vill, är okej till Wolfman, Mr Daydreamer och Marru men självklart ok i blogg kommentar också.
    Nara är jag ändå mal på för en gångs skull:=) Så ni som läser har vi 2 tävlingar på gång, bara tiden so vore kul att höra vad ni tycker korta intensiva tävlingar kommer det att bli typ 7-14 dagar, vilket är bäst som jag spontant tänker bestämda tider max spel ex 1 vecka eller några helger?

  2. #När jag ändå# skulle det visst stå:P

  3. scandalplayer

    I think it was good tournament too. Only one player (Bobby C) I met left the game deliberately when he noticed the game wasnt going his way – and I think he should be disqualified automaticly, as he stole time in the time-limited tournament.
    I continued the tournament as otherwise it would be unfair towards the others – but I wont participate in another. But again, the idea was good, only someone couldnt keep playing fair.

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