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The coin tournament :)

COIN happy b-day M and K!


I think this gold coin tournament was successful and very fun to play!

We were 27 players total, 26 of us played! Not bad at all!!

Before today we were 8 players that had signed up for this tour, but I got in many more at “last minute!” ;)

2010-01-24_2341bobbyc 2010-01-21_2250gc

[Bobby.C took home one gold coin! Can he win the second one that is at stake too?]

As we were so many players that played, I held on to my promise about having two gold coins in this tournament! One gold coin ended up to Bobby.C I had a little competition on the side: First one to win 7 games won one of the gold coins, and Bobby.C made it first!

Just too bad the final play didnt get played tonight too, one semifinal is played.. the other one will get played tomorrow night! And probably the final too! :D Looking forward to see those games.

Thank you everyone for participating, it has been a long while since I played in these kind of “onlines” tournament with so many players really trying to play all their games.. instead of just quitting as soon as it goes downhill :)

Anyway, good luck to the players that still is in the play!




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Cant it update already? ;)



Soon two hours have passed of playing the gold coin tournament.. the games is now played and we all are waiting for the tournament to go over to final play.

I’m about to create new tournaments for final play soon if it doesnt update!!!!! ;) haha nah, more fun to play final play in the same tour? but gosh, Zzzz


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Chess League week 326


[screenshot from league room taken about 6 hours before judgement]


This week wickey27 won her 8th elite gold, and it was her 2nd won gold in a row now.

Chess League

Top 10 Allround League winners



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Happy birthday to M and K!


2010-01-23_2006marru kopiera  2010-01-23_2021kat kopiera

Yes, Happy birthday to (myself) and my twinsister Katjziska!!! :D

p43000062 img_0380 2010-01-23_2205m img_1353

See you all tonight, then lets play some fun couronne fighting about

the gold coin ;)


BTW, these could be nice birthday present(s) for your favourite pink backgammon admin ;) hehe




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