Tonights clean sweep competition!



Clean sweep competition tonight between 9-10.30 pm CET!


Participating players and amount of clean sweeps:

Mr Daydreamer – 14 sweeps

Cronos – 13 sweeps

iiindes – 9 sweeps

Nippeh – 4 sweeps

wolfman – 3 sweeps

marrubou – 2 sweeps

Iznogoud – 1 sweep

e-corre – 1 sweep

2010-01-21_2257mrd Mr Daydreamer won tonights sweep competition on sudden death against Cronos!

The shocking news during the competition!








[with only a few seconds left of original playtime Mr Daydreamer made it a tie by sweeping his 13th clean sweep for tonight!]


[And then Mr Daydreamer were the first one to sweep on sudden death!]

2010-01-21_2250gc [by that, the gold coin ended up to Mr D!]

Congrats to the win Mr Daydreamer!
He actually swept 5 sweeps in 5 minutes time, that is crazyyy!


[Mr Daydreamers screenshot of his 5 sweeps in 5 minutes]


It was a close call between Cronos and Mr Daydreamer all the way though.. and congrats to Cronos, as he now has 5000+ clean sweeps! Well done!!! :)

Fun gaming night.. right? Thanks everyone for participating!

Next time I think I am just going to go around in the games to watch some good sweeping!!! :D that might just aswell be as fun as being in the competition playing!

(You can read more about the competition here. )



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