Mr D’s clean sweep coin tour.

All 8 players that swept against Mr Daydreamer first in his gold coin competition made it to a tour where we played regular games against eachother.

All 8 made it further in the competition, it was just a matter how we got placed in the tournament.

I ended up at 7th place.


And the final play is like this:

I have made it to another round of this clean sweep competition.. :D As I won my first “elimination game”! I played against Bobby.C and swept on first set (he gave me a very nice break xD!)


[ you see he swept just a little after me? oh well;) ]

I’m now up against L-H(SWE) in next sweep battle, exciting :)

Would be fun to make it all the way to final, but its hard.. and I am not known as being the best sweeper ;) fun way to play like this though! as it is about whom sweeps first and not the amount.. (at least until its time to meet player that is placed 3rd ^^) we’ll see ;) anything can happen really :)



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