Gold Coin Competitions next week!


Next week I am going to arrange both a clean sweep competition and a regular coin tournament.

The Clean sweep competition is on thursday, 21st of January.

Its a individual contest.. which means you sign yourself up.. you can play against whom ever you like.. but it can be more fun to play against a player that also have signed up for the competition!

There is one gold coin at stake, which the player with most clean sweeps during the competition take home.

The sweep competition will be played between 9pm-10.30pm CET.


It is not allowed to cancel games (so called sweep-play).


The regular coin tournament will be played next week on sunday, 24th of January. And it is a tournament for me and Katjziska on our birthday ;) The tournament starts from 9pm CET.

Here I will have 2 gold coins at stake.. 1 to the winning player in the end of the tournament and one that I randomly give out to one player during the tournament.

I will make a tournament that is active for 1 hour time, (like a onlines tournament with signed up players only) with 1 set games in round robin and 5 set in the final play. 4 players goes to semifinals.

Does it sound interesting? You can sign up now already if you like for one of the competitions or both, however.. for the competition on sunday of 24th January I will want to have confirmation from the signed up players on the same day.. otherwise your place goes to someother player to take over.

Sign up by leaving a comment here, or message me at SP.

Signed up players for the clean sweep competition:



Mr Daydreamer







Signed up players for the regular coin tournament:






Mr Daydreamer





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5 responses to “Gold Coin Competitions next week!

  1. scandalplayer

    Im in for the 24th of January tournament – 1 set.

  2. Sure thing atleast in the regular coin tournament:=)

  3. sounds like a great prize to win .

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