The standings in Sweden vs World.



 Team Sweden


2010-01-02_1932hjerternio2010-01-02_1933zimond2010-01-02_1934riiiv2010-01-02_1935andreasaswardh  2010-01-02_1935godisguden

hjerterNio  Zimond  riiiv andreasaswardh GodisGuden + a upcoming reserve player

 World Team


2010-01-02_1928simondk2010-01-02_1930cronos2010-01-02_1930braverymonkey2010-01-02_1931webdesigner 2010-01-02_1928muv3

Simon (DK)  Cronos  braverymonkey  WebDesigner  muv3  + a upcoming reserve player

The standings in The Sweden vs World match:

Zimond vs Cronos 3-4

andreasaswardh vs WebDesigner 4-0

Games left to get played:

riiiv vs braverymonkey

GodisGuden vs Simon (DK)

hjerterNio vs muv3

The teams will take in reserve players to take over GodisGuden’s and muv3’s place.





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2 responses to “The standings in Sweden vs World.

  1. MIKE807

    i would like to apply for the World team.

    • Simon (DK)

      It’s only 5 players on each team, and it’s the team captains’ (in this case mine and hjerterNio’s) choice who those 5 are.
      I didn’t rate you as 1 of the 5 best non-swedes.

      If you continue playing and getting better you can maybe play for the team another time (but I think it will be a few years before the next Sweden vs The World team match)

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