The Backgammon League Guidelines.

I have updated The Backgammon League Guidelines!





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2 responses to “The Backgammon League Guidelines.

  1. wickey27

    Nice and good to see the updated bg rules.
    Maybe an idea to cut and paste to all the players who now are in bg league and then next weeks to the new players in bg league.
    I whanna say I think longer time its time to only allow players in the leagues if they play all 9 or give + and other just dont allow them in the leagues. They can post on your forum that they agree that rule.
    Then there can be leagues again where everyone played there 9 matches or +. Maybe even less players in the league but more matches played and only people who whanna play.
    Its even worse as there are some players who only sign in with there league account when certain players are off and then they play there friends only to f up leagues…
    Look at last chess week, its ridicolous I get a gold in that way and in tt its even worse for long time.
    I think its time to save the leagues with normal players in…

  2. Thanks.

    Yep will do, I usually send out link to the new ones in league :)

    In backgammon league there are many players that wants to play, but cant get all games played even if they really want to because of the time differences.. but yes, players that arent too into league shouldnt be there.. it sometimes just is hard to judge whom is into it or not..

    But sure allround (in every leagues) there are players that in my opinion shouldnt get to be included in the lg anymore.. So I know what you mean by this text.. if something would be able to happen for every league that could improve them it would be best to have some guideline set for how to go.. I mean so all admins can have as similar look at it as possible, if you know what I mean.. every league is different, got different amount of players etcetera but some guidelines that were for all leagues and then modify it for the specific league wouldnt hurt!

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