Sweden vs World. riiiv vs braverymonkey.


A post written by Mr Daydreamer, he is sharing his thoughts with us regarding the upcoming Team Sweden vs World Team matches



2010-01-02_1934riiiv 2010-01-02_1930braverymonkey

Match riiiv vs braverymonkey.

Once again a very interesting match between two even players. Both players in top shape and we might have entertainment the
whole evening.

riiiv, not very much experience from him, but I do know he is stubborn and manages to get tight matches against every opponent he faces. Good offensive skills, good at finding offensive solutions, and definately a player who like to push it to get the advantage. Tough opponent for everyone!

braverymonkey, good player for many years. Have reached his top level resently and won 2 elite golds in a short time.
He has been practising marks and tactiscs very hard lately to be able to reach the top. Has a good blend of offens and defense, also has an ability hang in the games and never give the opponent much of an advantage, if any.

High quality game that will be worth seeing, I believe the difference will be 1 set either way.

Been a while since riiiv proved how good he is, so he will do that tonight and bring this match home!

Note; this game between riiiv and braverymonkey should have been played yesterday but braverymonkey didnt show up.. they’re trying to get along about a new time to play.

[marrubou: I missed to watch yesterdays match Zimond vs Cronos, will see if someone wants to write a little about the game. I believe Cronos won the game with 4-3]





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3 responses to “Sweden vs World. riiiv vs braverymonkey.

  1. E&V

    Very niiice blog, check out me and my friends blog and leave a comment? :D

  2. Simon (DK)

    The match will maybe get played today 23.00.
    riiiv got work tuesday, so it depends on him (if he wants to stay up so late)

  3. Simon (DK)

    If riiiv wants to play, but braverymonkey doesn’t show up, he’ll (braverymonkey) loose the match on wo.
    Same thing if they agree on another time, and braverymonkey doesn’t show up then.

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