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Shockplay goes olympics

As all you might have noticed, DaCa is back!! :)

And he is very much planning the next official tournament.

His thought is to hold a official championship now under the winter olympics, it will be called Shockplays olympic games.

It will be a team competition (of like 3 players in each team), all players from same country. And there is no limit for signed up teams for any country.

Exact rules and more info shortly, and then the signing up for the championship starts after that.

I like what I have heard so far.. Shockplay olympic games!

Cool idea :)




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Sweden vs World. Zimond vs Cronos.


A post written by Mr Daydreamer, he is sharing his thoughts with us regarding the upcoming Team Sweden vs World Team matches.


2010-01-02_1933zimond 2010-01-02_1930cronos

Match Zimond vs Cronos

This is a match that everyone wants to watch, if not, I’m definately one of the spectators if the world isn’t about to go under.
Two players with an offensive style, both players certainly able to create any kind of shot and use the tactical game if needed.

Zimond, one of the all time greatest players on Shockplay, masters every part of the game like he was born playing couronne.
Really got an eye for reading the game, can performe incredible shots in the most preassured situations.

Zimond who now also is getting serious about the game again, if he finds the magic not many players can stop him. Only questionmark is, what kind of game will he play?

Cronos, repeating myself a little. One of the all time greatest players on Shockplay, at the offensive game. Sure he got qualities in the tactical game as well. As he has proven in the elite league he is to be counted with, when he gets his mind set to it he means business!
Here the question lies in if he will wait and see how Zimond will play the game or if he will run his own race and try to sweep his way to the victory?

I have no favourite in this game, I will just be there to enjoy a fantastic game of couronne, probably couronne at it’s best.

If I have to put my money on one of these players it would be on Cronos this time, he will want revenge for last time!


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Team Sweden vs World Team matches.




2010-01-02_1932hjerternio2010-01-02_1933zimond 2010-01-02_1934riiiv2010-01-02_1935godisguden 2010-01-02_1935andreasaswardh




Matches that have planned times so far:

Zimond vs Cronos – Tomorrow, Sunday at 8pm CET.

riiiv vs braverymonkey – Tomorrow, Sunday.. right after Zimond and Cronos game.

andreasaswardh vs WebDesigner – Tuesday, 12th January at 8pm CET.

Simon (DK) havent been able to get in touch with muv3 or GodisGuden yet to plan the games between hjerternio-muv3 and GodisGuden-Simon (DK).



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