Sweden vs World. hjerterNio vs muv3


A post written by Mr Daydreamer, he is sharing his thoughts with us regarding the upcoming Team Sweden vs World Team matches.


2010-01-02_1932hjerternio vs 2010-01-02_1928muv3

Match hjerterNio vs muv3

Could be a very interesting game I think. muv3 have not been playing league and so on for long now, but when he did most people know how good he was.
hjerterNio is a strong opponent, muv3 has to find his top game pretty quick to be able to beat a player like hjerterNio.

muv3 has a fantastic offensive game, good at most parts of the game I’d say. If he can bled that with some magical tactics he will be hard to stop.

hjerterNio is a strong tactical player who is good at the angles, has a good offense and kean eye for the game. If he plays on top of his game everyone gets a hard time.

2 players that are hard to stop at their best game, if one makes a bit weaker effort the other one will win according to me.

This will probably be a match worth watching.

Who will win?

Personally I have no idea, muv3 having been abscent for long now might struggle.
At the top of his game I would say muv3, but will he get there so soon?

This time my money goes on hjerterNio.



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