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Chess League week 323


[screenshot from league room taken about 2 hours before judgement]


This week HBsen won his 9th elite gold.


Chess League



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The best league achievement.


I think Simon (DK)’s presentation say it all already but this must not only be a “personal best” for him, it is the best achievement in allround elite gold win under a years time ever in Shockplays history!!

Simon (DK) won these elite golds year 2009:

  •   21 Othello League elite golds
  •   17 Couronne League elite golds
  • 10 Backgammon League elite golds
  •  3 Chess League elite golds

He has climbed on the ranking lists of total won amount of elite gold through all time.. atm he is ranked 2nd at won gold in Othello League, has a shared 6th place at won gold in Backgammon League, has a shared 5th place at won gold in Couronne League, he’s ranked as 4th on total won elite gold allround in every league.

Pretty great effort done under only a years time!

With all these elite golds, he of course have had winning streaks in some of the leagues:

  • Couronne League: 2 won gold in a row (twice!), 5 won elite gold in a row (twice!).
  • Othello League: 2 won gold in a row (twice!), 3 won gold in a row, 5 won gold in a row.


With or without winning streak in Backgammon League, In my opinion he became a very well respected player in backgammon league pretty fast, there was no doubt he was one of the best current players.

Only two players succeeded with winning a flawless elite week in backgammon, 9-0. (Simon (DK) and me, we also shared the most won elite golds year 2009).

When Simon (DK) won the elite league with 9-0, I wrote that it must have been the best elite result ever.. and I’m pretty sure it is. Pretty hard to make it with even better plus.. believe me I tried ;)

2010-01-03_1249simondk6  2010-01-03_1247simondk2 2010-01-03_1248simondk4 2010-01-03_1249simondk5 2010-01-03_1248simondk3  

I just want to say, very well performed league year of 2009 Simon (DK)!

I think we are many that are impressed :)

BTW, In the summer of 2009, I made a interview with Simon (DK) for The Bricks on The wall.. Missed to read it?, or want to read it again? Click here.

Good luck in school now, go for it Simon!



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