Team Sweden vs The World Team!


Simon (DK) is arranging a Sweden vs The World couronne match!

I think it’s great that he’s arranging this kind of match, and I am looking forward to see the games!!

The games is played best of 7, and will probably get played next weekend, more info about that later when the date and time is set.

 Team Sweden includes the players:


2010-01-02_1932hjerternio 2010-01-02_1933zimond 2010-01-02_1934riiiv 2010-01-02_1935godisguden 2010-01-02_1935andreasaswardh

hjerterNio   Zimond   riiiv   GodisGuden   and   andreasaswardh

World Team includes the players:


2010-01-02_1928simondk 2010-01-02_1928muv3 2010-01-02_1930cronos 2010-01-02_1930braverymonkey 2010-01-02_1931webdesigner

Simon (DK)  muv3  Cronos  braverymonkey  and  WebDesigner

The matches:

hjerterNio vs muv3

Zimond vs Cronos

riiiv vs braverymonkey

GodisGuden vs Simon (DK)

andreasaswardh vs WebDesigner



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One response to “Team Sweden vs The World Team!

  1. Simon (DK)

    Zimond – Cronos is sunday 20.00 CET.
    riiiv – braverymonkey is right after that match is finished
    andreasaswardh – WebDesigner is tuesday 20.00 CET.

    I’m missing answers from GodisGuden and muv3. It haven’t been possible to get in touch with them.

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