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Questions for the winning team!


The NCL Backgammon Tour winners Year 2009!          


Better late than never, here is the interview with the winning team of NCL Backgammon Tour!




 2010-01-02_1953riiiv   2010-01-02_1953hjerternio2

                              riiiv                                         hjerterNio



Some quick questions for….




Congrats once again to the win in NCL Bg 2009!

Had you ever thought you would end up winning the whole tournament?

Hey there Marrubou :)!  Nah I never thought of winning the whole NCL with hjerternio!  I knew he was a good backgammon player but we met very good players and I think its a huge surprise that we won the whole tournament!  it feels great!!

Yes you had a tough road to the win, but you did good!! ;) I think you surprised many of us by you getting better at backgammon.. very fun to see! Which team do you think gave you the best challenge through your final play? Or which team were you most nervous before meeting? :D

Yeah it really feels that I´ve learned backgammon through the NCL tournament. before the tour I just knew how to play it, not any particular strategies and so on..  and to your question :)  we faced very hard opponents through the way! I think we had most problems with wolfman and daca, but to be honest I were most nervous about the game against you and katja ;) I knew you had played long and that you both are great bg-players!

Sweet, and you got the honour winning the tournament while getting better too, hehe.. thats pretty good if nothing :)   haha, I see ;) How do you think the tournament was otherwise, if you look back at the game schedules.. time of games to get played etcetera? Do you have some opinions to share with us?

haha yeah it was like 2 wins in the tournament :).  I think the tournament was great overall! but sometimes I struggled with the time-limit because of work, floorball training and matches and so on, sometimes it went to be a huge pressure, but I also understand that you who arranged the whole thing wanted everything to run smoothly….finally I got all the matches played and thats the main thing :)!

Yes, its hard to keep a good balance on that to fit everyone hehe, but I’m glad I get players opinions for how the tour went so I (and Mr Daydreamer+wolfman) can keep those in mind later on!

Thank you very much for your time and good luck in further backgammon games!!! :))

ty marrubou! it was my pleasure  :) and same to you!

Thanks!! ;) 


Some quick questions for….




Congrats once again to the win in NCL Bg 2009!

Had you ever thought you would end up winning the whole tournament?

Hello marru! No, one could hardly imagine that we would end up as the winner of the whole tournament. But hope, we made all the time. It feels like we got the toughest resistance all the way in the Finals, and it makes the course especially rewarding to win. =)

Yes you got all the teams that in "many eyes were the toughest teams" ;) Thats a very nice winning streak to beat all of us, or what to say :D you can be proud of your win to say at least! You did great! Was it any of the teams you were most nervous of meeting or something like that through the final play? Share some thoughts of the final play quarter-semi-final with us if you like :)

In the quarterfinals, we met DaCa and wolfman. Already there it felt like a hard task to take us on to the semifinals. Where it ended a bit sad when DaCa not come online to save up their team. But he certainly had his reasons.

Once in the semifinals, we would meet marrubou and Katjziska. I was thinking not so much that it was NCL semifinals, but an ordinary match. That is to say, I drove on as usual and it went our way with this. Very good performance out of Riiiv should be added.

Most respected backgammon player, according to me, was waiting in the final. Landskrona, with his team-mate Simon DK. I think we played solid here. And with the thought, "nothing to lose", I played my normal game without having to feel particularly nervous. Which went well. =)

Nice.. thanks for sharing your thoughts!! :) Yes, its sad that the quarterfinal ended that way.. but the game had to go on.. What do you think about the tournament overall? with game schedules.. lenght of the games to get played, etcetera..

I personally think the group stage could have been a little shorter and not as lengthy. But it’s probably just me who thinks =)  The Finals in itself was well structured.

Okay, nah I think some of us others think the same way.. :) as first official team tournament its like a little trial for further competitions.. so that is truly something we can keep in mind for further official tournaments to come! I hope you will join then aswell, and this was all.. if you dont have anything more to add? ;) thank you for your time for my little questions!!

Okey, you are welcome :) Happy new year!

Thanks, to you too!! :)



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Team Sweden vs The World Team!


Simon (DK) is arranging a Sweden vs The World couronne match!

I think it’s great that he’s arranging this kind of match, and I am looking forward to see the games!!

The games is played best of 7, and will probably get played next weekend, more info about that later when the date and time is set.

 Team Sweden includes the players:


2010-01-02_1932hjerternio 2010-01-02_1933zimond 2010-01-02_1934riiiv 2010-01-02_1935godisguden 2010-01-02_1935andreasaswardh

hjerterNio   Zimond   riiiv   GodisGuden   and   andreasaswardh

World Team includes the players:


2010-01-02_1928simondk 2010-01-02_1928muv3 2010-01-02_1930cronos 2010-01-02_1930braverymonkey 2010-01-02_1931webdesigner

Simon (DK)  muv3  Cronos  braverymonkey  and  WebDesigner

The matches:

hjerterNio vs muv3

Zimond vs Cronos

riiiv vs braverymonkey

GodisGuden vs Simon (DK)

andreasaswardh vs WebDesigner


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Backgammon League Year 2009!

YEAR 2009!!

Amount of won elite gold year 2009:
marrubou – 10 golds
Simon (DK) – 10 golds
wickey27 – 7 golds
Landskrona – 6 golds
Traker14 – 3 golds
DaCa – 3 golds
kira22 – 2 golds
peachystew – 2 golds
hjerterNio – 2 golds
MartinKL – 1 gold
sweep1963 – 1 gold
rakede.. – 1 gold
hampestampe – 1 gold
joshp – 1 gold
liloldlady – 1 gold
mt3212 – 1 gold
sparvöga – 1 gold

Winning streaks of won elite golds Year 2009:

Traker14 – 2 elite gold won in a row

marrubou – 2 elite gold won in a row (twice!)

wickey27 – 2 elite gold won in a row (twice!)

Landskrona – 2 elite gold won in a row (twice!)

Amount of Played Elite weeks Year 2009:

Landskrona: 42
Simon (DK): 41
wickey27: 35
marrubou: 33
peachystew: 28
joshp: 27
Katjziska: 25
sweep1963: 24
DaCa: 18
hopenfaith: 18
Traker14: 17
Tiny Acorns: 15
hampestampe: 15
mt3212: 14
Queen Amidala: 14
De Vicenzo: 14
hjerterNio: 12
sparvöga: 12
kira22:  11
pepzgirl: 10
Vargen: 9
liloldlady: 8
ervadolfi: 7
rakede.. : 6
Päron: 6
TheOtter: 6
Lolitaxxxx: 5
wolliw: 5
nokeyboard: 3
American Single: 4
AnnaMajan: 4
Cheese: 4
MartinKL: 3
braverymonkey: 3
teuvo: 3
Suma.Ye: 3
SexigaTess: 2
John John: 2
Redhead: 2
Kliffhanger: 2
Sparkle: 1
astérix: 1
riiiv: 1
Battie: 1
Deep Blue: 1
anders: 1
stueo: 1
DS650: 1
forReal: 1

The statistics of game results that lead to a elite gold win:

9-0 in games= 2
8-1 in games= 12
7-2 in games= 7
7-1 in games= 5
6-3 in games= 9
6-2 in games= 4
6-1 in games= 3
5-4 in games= 1
5-3 in games= 7
5-2 in games= 2
5-1 in games= 1

The best league results of Year 2009:

9-0 wins

Simon (DK)’s 9-0 in Backgammon League week 290.

marrubou’s 9-0 in Backgammon League week 322.



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