The last team match of NCL Final game.





       Simon (DK)                          North Star               In-The-Emi




             hjerterNio              Playshocker               Iznogoud

The last team match of NCL Final game is right now getting played!

…..and the tension is rising.. will North Star even show up today?

is Simon (DK) trying to save up a situation that isnt possible to save?:(

Game results in the 3rd and deciding team match:

Simon (DK) vs Iznogoud 3-4

North Star got wo losses 0-4,0-4… Really bad of him to not show up once again!!!! Where is the team spirit from his side?


Team hjerterNio Playshocker Iznogoud won the NCL FINAL game with 2-1 in team matches!!! Big congrats to you guys!! You have played very good in the final play off in NCL 2009!

I’m pretty sure you would have wanted to play all the games of course… sad when a big Final of a official tournament ends like this.. but what to do when its a team tournament?

I am guessing many players will think once again of whom to team up with further on..


Anyway, well worthy winners of NCL – Team hjerterNioPlayshocker Iznogoud!!!

And I want to add very well played to Simon (DK) aswell,congrats to the silver!


NCL Final Play





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2 responses to “The last team match of NCL Final game.

  1. katjziska

    I feel sorry for Simon that North Star didn´t show up, not good at all, but too late to do anything about.

    Congrats to the team who won :)

  2. Couldn’t agree more. Would have been very interesting to see how the match would have ended if all the games had been played.

    But there is no doubt the winners are worthy!

    Congrats to all medalists and thanks for participating!

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