NCL FINAL GAME – Team Match 2.




Team hjerterNio Playshocker Iznogoud won the 2nd team match in their NCL FINAL GAME against Team Simon (DK) – North Star – In-The-Emi.

Now it is 1-1 in team matches, which mean we will get to see a exciting 3rd and deciding team match!!! :)

The game results so far;

First team match:
Iznogoud vs Simon (DK) 3-4
hjerterNio vs North Star 2-4
Iznogoud vs North Star 1-4
hjerterNio vs Simon (DK)

Team Simon (DK) won match with 4-0 and 16-6 in set difference.

Second team match:
Iznogoud vs North Star 4-0 (wo win)
hjerterNio vs Simon (DK) 3-4
Iznogoud vs Simon (DK) 4-2
hjerterNio vs North Star 4-0 (wo win)

Team hjerterNio won match with 3-1 and 15-6 in set difference.

NCL Final Play




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