Supermario bros wii :)

Have you tried this game out? :)

I played it with a friend yesterday and oh my we had difficulties to get through some levels!! xD

When playing it together as 2 players its hard to get in sync on those levels that really require it!

Can you relate to what I mean by that? ^^.

Like.. on world 5 we had issues on the first castle.. maybe mostly as it was too hard to climb up on that level (you know what I mean if you have tried it I guess?) when trying to be in sync with eachother.. we we’re just jumping at each others heads so we died over and over again. haha.

At last we figured it was possible to go into a bubble without dying first so (I) decided that I should just be in my bubble as long as possible while my friend got us through up to the boss.. worked out pretty good.. maybe I were the weak link? hehe.

My text probably don’t make any sence if you havent tried this game out.. but anyway, its a really fun game and brings out a whole lot of laughs ;)

Imagine playing this with 4 players or so… Long live Mario and Luigi ;o)



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