Disc Pool School level 31 :)

As requested :)

The important thing is to pot 2 doubles on this level..


Either you try to aim for 1 double right away… if you succeed with that one..

Just clear the next green out of the way..


And then aim to make the double on remaining green (missed to take a good screenshot^^)


If you dont get the double in the beginning there is another way..


Start in the same way.. to pot the green in the pocket down to the right.. just dont push too hard!

The discs may lay this way.. then its just to aim straight up.. to make 1 double..


and then on the next discs too :)




I promise you that you will make it after a few tries :) Just think doubles, doubles, doubles :D

Good luck!




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4 responses to “Disc Pool School level 31 :)

  1. Rocketman

    Nice walk-through :)
    I had another solution in mind when I created that level:
    Pot the bottom green disc in the top left hole.
    Place the yellow disc in the center and shoot almost straight up to make a double, and the last double the same way.

  2. Telmo Cardoso

    It was at my request ;) After this only took 3 attempts :)

    Thank you very much :) lets go to level 88 now (8 more was added today).

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