NCL Bronze winners!

NCL Bronze winners 2009:

Team tuggummi!, marrubou, Katjziska

My team actually took home the NCL Bronze!! :)

Anything can really happen when playing in a team! :D

It was all settled for a while ago!

I was actually watching the most part of my team mates last games on the subway on my way home from work.. haha.. looked like a crazy person there smiling I guess?;) well, couldnt miss these games aight?

Congrats to my team ;)

And thaaaaaank you for a great NCL Tour my team mates.. we really have had good team work and it have been really fun all the way!

Thanks also to our opponent team in the bronze game – Team Mr Daydreamer!

Tough games to the end!

All game results;

Team Match 1:
marrubou vs wolfman 2-4
Katjziska vs Mr Daydreamer 3-4
tuggummi! vs wolfman 4-0
tuggummi! vs Mr Daydreamer

Team Mr Daydreamer won match with 3-1 and 12-11 in set difference.

Team Match 2:

Katjziska vs Mr Daydreamer 4-2
tuggummi! vs Mr Daydreamer 4-1
Katjziska vs wolfman

Team tuggummi! won the 2nd team match with 3-0 and 12-4 in set difference.

Team Match 3:
Katjziska vs Mr Daydreamer 4-0
Katjziska vs wolfman 1-4
tuggummi! vs Mularn 4-0

Team tuggummi! won the 3rd team match with 2-1 and 9-4 in set difference.


NCL Final Play



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