I loooove you Kat!


I’ve just watched the first bronze match in the 3rd team match!

It was between Katjziska and Mr Daydreamer.

And I must say that I have never been so proud of Katjziska’s play than tonight! She totally killed it!

She won with 4-0 against Mr Daydreamer!!! Can you believe it??? :)

It is now looking much better for our chance to the bronze.. as told we have 1-1 in team matches against Mr Daydreamers team.

If we only would tie the 3rd team match we would win… I like the odds. :)

Simon (DK) recorded the game.. we’ll see if we can get it up and published so you can see the game :)


Team tuggummi here to rock your world.. if not in final game.. at least in bronze game????! ;)

Anyhow, we’ll see how the rest of the games goes now.. Mr Daydreamers team is not a easy team to beat… anything can still happen ;)

But after tonights game we are just glaaaaad!

And that even more as Kat were nervous before the game, so she didnt even know if she wanted to play.. but I like to think I pushed her through the game with my lovely messages on msn during game.. hihi.

Over and out. More NCL Bronze games tonight (thursday).. would be great if someone recorded the games as I might not be able to watch :((

            NCL Final Play




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One response to “I loooove you Kat!

  1. Skall bara tillägga innan jag går och grinar i sängen :)
    Grymt bra taktiskt genomförd match!
    Kände mig totalt mosad & underlägsen i denna match och lyfter på hatten.
    Nice work!

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