First NCL Bg Quarterfinal settled :)




I and Katjziska kept on playing against Mr Daydreamer and pepzgirl.. and we now have won 2 team matches!! :)

Feels good, but its still hard to meet teams where you know one-and another IRL.. in this case even family.. oh well.

Thanks for very good games Mr Daydreamer and pepzgirl!

All game results;

Team Match 1:

Katjziska vs pepzgirl 7-4
marrubou vs Mr Daydreamer 5-7
Katjziska vs Mr Daydreamer 7-4
marrubou vs pepzgirl 7-1

Team Match 2:

marrubou vs pepzgirl 7-3
Katjziska vs pepzgirl 7-2
marrubou vs Mr Daydreamer 7-6

The games wasnt without excitement.. I was down 1-6 in my last game against Mr Daydreamer. :)

Anyway, now my team get to rest before the semifinal games that wont start until the 9th December. Which team will we get to meet????=)))



NCL BG Final Play




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