Exciting game night :)

       NCL SEMIFINAL GAMES!!         


Tonight there will be many NCL Semifinal games played, and I am looking forward to see ‘em all!!! :D


First off is Team Mr DaydreamerMularnwolfman against Team hjerterNioPlayshocker! – Iznogoud 


They will start to play at 7pm CET… and they will play the whole team match 1 tonight!!! they havent decided which players play which games yet though.. but its just to keep an eye on Shocking news to see whom is playing against whom =))) Which team do you think will take home the first semifinal team match???

Maybe even Playshocker will play tonight? Would be fun to see him back for a while :))

2009-11-13_2219tuggummi. vs  2009-11-13_2237simondk2009-11-13_2238northstar

And that before wasnt even all… its a total night of exciting games… as my team mate tuggummi! will take on Simon (DK) and North Star tonight aswell in our NCL Semifinal team match 1.. where our team have lost 2 games.. tuggummi! will have a lot against him but I’m sure he will play as good as he can and it will be fun games to watch too!!

This team match starts at 9pm CET so there is a risk these games can be played at the same time as Mr D’s team is playing.. we’ll see :)

Will you come and watch?!

                                                                    Don’t miss these games ;o)

NCL Final Play




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