Yesterdays clean sweep competition.



2009-11-23_2332cronos + 2009-11-23_2333iznogoud

Team Cronos and Iznogoud won yesterdays clean sweep competition!! Congrats :)

They had 11 sweeps together, Cronos swept 6 times and Iznogoud 5 times so it was pretty even in their team :)

2009-11-23_2334iiindes + 2009-11-23_2335marrubou

iiindes tried to sweep our team to the win when my game was baaad like *beeep*.. he made 10 sweeps by himself so he won the individual contest at least.. :) sorry for my bad game :/


Team Kliffhanger werent long behind with their 8 sweeps either :) Kliffhanger swept 7 times and Thörna19 once.

2009-11-23_2347zimond  + 2009-11-23_2359lh

Zimond played with L-H(SWE)..  and L-H(SWE) had to leave about after 50 minutes so I guess the team play never really got on?? =) Zimond swept 7 times anyway :)

2009-11-23_2339riiiv + 2009-11-23_2354agaton

Team riiivagaton swept 4 times.. agaton swept 3 times.. when it was about 20 minutes left riiiv left me behind to be the zero by myself by sweeping his first (damn you^^)

Anyway, thanks for participating everybody!!

As usual, we dominated the SP news :)










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