First games played in our NCL semifinal..





I and Katjziska played the first NCL semifinal games tonight.. and we lost ‘em both.

Not so much to do about it.. our opponents played very well.. :)

I didnt stand a chance against Simon (DK).. guess I got to know how its like to play league game against him ;) we had 5 spectators as most.. the game wasnt planned to get played tonight..

Neither was the game planned for tonight between Katjziska and North Star.. we had to play tonight already as our time suggestions didnt match up against each other ^^. Katjziska vs North Star game had at most 9 spectators, so it wasnt too bad!

Played games in team match 1 so far;

marrubou vs Simon (DK) 0-4

Katjziska vs North Star 2-4

We’ll see how it goes for tuggummi! against these two… =) The remaining games in team match 1 will get played on thursday night at 9pm CET! Come and watch the game(s), so there can be a little more spectators then ;)

A post in swedish on the NCL Site

NCL Final Play




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