Clean sweep competition tonight!


Clean sweep competition tonight between 9-10.30 pm CET!!


It’s both a team competition and a individual competition so there is 3 gold coins at stake.. – 1 each to the players in the team with most sweeps during the competition – and 1 for the player that individually sweeps the most during the competition.. [if we get in at least 4 teams to participate].



You are not allowed to cancel games (so called sweep play) but you can give your shot over to your team mate if you feel that he/she got a better chance of sweeping.

You can sign up for the competition by sending marrubou  a message at Shockplay, or by leaving a comment here.


Participating teams (will get updated with the standings here during the competition):

Winning team

Iznogoud: 5 sweeps + Cronos: 6 sweeps

Total: 11 sweeps


iiindes won the individual contest

marrubou: 0 sweep + iiindes: 10 sweeps

Total: 10 sweeps


Kliffhanger: 7 sweeps + Thörna19: 1 sweep

Total: 8 sweeps


Zimond: 7 sweeps + L-H (SWE): 0 sweep

Total: 7 sweeps


riiiv: 1 sweep + agaton: 3 sweeps

Total: 4 sweeps




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