NCL Training!!! ;)

training x2Back to school?

In for our NCL semifinal I am training a little league-play with wolfman again.. it’s good to train league playing against someone like him ^^.

It pays off quite instantly.. like this set..


After that wolfman missed his red I put all my green :D


Wouldnt happen too often though ;)

Anyway.. I would never have made this far in a official tour if it wasnt for our team work in my team!! so try to improve my game in the last minute (?) is the least I can do now ;)

BTW, NCL-Admin invited a few players to a tour called “Push marru and Katjziska!!”.. its our way to warm up in for our semifinal, hehe.. challenge us and let the fun begin :)

If you didnt get invited to the tour but still want to give me a challenge, go for it!!!



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