Last NCL quarterfinal matches.




2009-11-13_2237simondk2009-11-13_2238northstar 2009-11-13_2239intheemi

       Simon (DK)           North Star                In-The-Emi



           riiiv                               Kliii                            agaton

Tonight (probably…) the last (?) quarterfinal matches will get played… I’m of course talking about the remaining games in NCL Quarterfinal 2..

Team Simon (DK) has 1-0 in team matches right now.. and they also have 2-0 in games in the second team match with 6 in +/-.. feels a little more like a lost case for team riiiv.. they need to win the 2 upcoming games with 3-0, 3-0 to even make it a tie in the second team match. But nothing is impossible and I look forward to see the games!

The played games in the 2nd team match:

Simon (DK) vs agaton 3-0

Simon (DK) vs riiiv 3-0


NCL Final Play




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