First NCL Quarterfinal settled.




NCL Quarterfinal 1 winners



        tuggummi!               marrubou                Katjziska

Our team is the first one up to win their NCL quarterfinal game!!!! :)

We won two team matches in a row.

All game results:

Team match 1

Katjziska vs braverymonkey 1-3

Katjziska vs sweet465 3-1

tuggummi! vs sweet465 3-0

tuggummi! vs braverymonkey 3-1

We won team match 1 with 3-1 and 10-5 in set difference.

Team match 2

marrubou vs braverymonkey 0-3

tuggummi! vs braverymonkey 3-2

marrubou vs Broken Angel 3-1

tuggummi! vs Broken Angel 3-2

We won Team match 2 with 3-1 and 9-8 in set difference.

Team braverymonkey – sweet465 – Broken Angel put up a good fight!! Exciting games to the very end :)

Now we are waiting on to see which team we will meet in the semifinal…  its either against team Simon (DK) – North Star – In-The-Emi or team riiiv – Kliii – agaton!



NCL Final Play




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