Hall of Fame!!!


Hey guys :)

I am going to do a Hall of fame for Couronne players!

The Hall of fame will be based on votes from shockplayers.

I will gather up as many votes as I possible can!

You can nominate how many players you want that you think have done something in/for couronne through the years at Shockplay.. it can be the ones you think have achieved things, the ones that have dominated the league perhaps? or just the ones you think deserves to get a vote for a hall of fame place in couronne for some reason.. like the ones you think have been fair and nice… etcetera…

The choice is up to you on which players you want to nominate… if you think you have done something to deserve a place in the hall of fame.. then go on and nominate yourself aswell :)

A vote for a player gives him/her 1 point..


When I have got the votes together and have counted the total points.. about 6-10 players with the most amount of votes will get included to a page here at my site – Hall of Fame – Couronne!!

I will not publish lists on which players you nominate persay, but I will also publish a total list of all the votes together so you can see which place all the nominated players ended up on by the votes :)

This is a idea that was brought to me by DaCa.

I will also do Hall of Fame for other games too… and some kind of hall of fames for the league part of all games – of won elite gold, elite weeks and so on!! :)

If you know some players that is inactive at SP atm (and you somehow still keep in touch) that would have wanted to nominate players to The Hall of Fame too.. please send them the link to this post so they can contribute too!!


You can send your list of nominated players to me at Shockplay by private message, or by sending me a email at marrubou@hotmail.com





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3 responses to “Hall of Fame!!!

  1. Petrify

    I don´t play anymore, but here we go …

    Marru – For her blog.
    Katjziska – For her early involvement.
    Mr. D – A nice guy.
    DaCa – For his contests & parties that I’ve never been to. ^ ^
    GodisGuden – Sweep God.
    Hektor – Eternal Champion.
    Puffe – A legend.

  2. ingy

    inqy ( not me ) for winning the first masters tournament.

  3. Thank you for your votes :)

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