Poker :)

Here are some pics from the poker tournaments that we had at the party too :)

I wasnt too much of a paparazzi at this party so this is all you’re gonna get.. ^^.

  IMG_0211 IMG_0213

It was Puffe and DaCa that were the big shots at the poker game.. it felt like their fight could go on forever and forever.. so they split the prize!! :D

I did actually make it to the final table this time.. and got placed 3rd on the first poker tournament.. not too bad :)

IMG_0209IMG_0212  IMG_0214 Big stash ^^.

IMG_0206  IMG_0208

It was fun to meet everyone again.. and some “new players” this time too..

Couronne and Poker wasnt all the games we played… real fun gaming and party night!

For example I and DaCa played our NCL backgammon game at the party.. and of course he beat me… damnit.. but as I said to him.. I will take him down in the FINAL!! :D

Thanks for a great party DaCa!




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