Backgammon race!!


I have just set a game for Backgammon race to get matched at and now I am waiting for a opponent.

Come on, come on! I wanna get the game started now… looks a whole lot of fun to try this version out :)

There is more versions to try out too at the site.. where you switch turns and get many days on you to make your move.. no stress, and no pressure.. just make your move when youre ready for it :)

Text from the site:

You’re busy. Who isn’t?
Do you have time to sit down and play a whole game? We don’t. is different. Here’s how it works:

  • Make one move in each of your games.
  • Then, go away and live your life.
  • Meanwhile… when your friend has time (an hour, a day, a week later, whenever), they make a move.
  • (Some time later…) Now it’s your turn. Make another move.
  • Repeat until someone wins.

There is:

Over 80 different games and variations available including chess, backgammon, Jamble (a word game) checkers, Battleboats, Pente, Go, and Stack4.



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