GodisGudens 10 000th Clean sweep!


First off I want to say congrats to GodisGuden to his 10 000 clean sweeps!!! Like he said himself, its totally insane how many times he have swept!

And the fun thing is that he made his 10 000th clean sweep here at the IRL SP Party last night!!

I recorded the whole thing.. shaky hands but enjoy ;)

Can anyone guess on how many tries GodisGuden did to sweep before he sat the 10 000th clean sweep?

GodisGuden’s post about his 10 000th clean sweep (in swedish)






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4 responses to “GodisGudens 10 000th Clean sweep!

  1. katjziska

    Godis sweepar, godis sweepar, hahah härlig video!

  2. That is a great finish of a 10.000th sweep done by the master of sweeps. BIG Congratulations Godis! Well done!

  3. DaCa

    SJUKT stilig sweep fan =) sjlv var jag o snacka med frugan ett kort ögonblick o missa hela härligheten =) Men grattis som fan till att nå en sjuk gräns!

  4. hehe det va skoj o få allt på film.. nu kommer hans sweep leva för evigt, hahaha ;) go godis!! :)

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