Tonights Clean sweep competition!


Mr Daydreamer is arranging a Clean sweep competition tonight!

It’s both a team – and a individual contest.

The preliminary time for the contest is 8pm-10pm CET.

The players in same team play against eachother.

The team with most sweeps wins a gold coin worth 30 days free playtime each.. and then the player that individually have the most amount of sweeps wins the individual competition – and wins a gold coin aswell!

So you can at best win 2 gold coins in this competition if you are the best sweeper of the night :)


You are not allowed to cancel games (so called sweep play) but you can give your shot over to your team mate if you feel that he/she got a better chance of sweeping.

You can sign up for the competition by sending Mr Daydreamer a message at Shockplay, or by leaving a comment on Mr Daydreamers post about the competition at Wolfs Shockplay blog.




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