NCL Group Round 2!!


And the first game round might be the worst?

Game Round 1 on Group Round 2:

Played between 18th-23rd September

tuggummi!, marrubou and Katjziska


Mr Daydreamer, wolfman and Mularn

Players that will play from our team:

090816kat 090820marru1

Do I even need to say more than this?

For you that know us, this is a special round to get played..

Omg, wolfman already have scared me to death with his stories about wanting to break the record of spectators watching a couronne game at SP.

I think, and hope he is kidding with me when he is talking about stuff like he will make the game between him and me a whole spectacle for the players at SP with gold coins for spectators etcetera.. as he know this make me nervous.

I had wished we could have played the games this weekend already.. well, we will see if we play them today – monday night.. tuesday night or wednesday night?

Which day ever, I’m a nervous wreck already.. haha.

(nah. you wish.. wolfman..) hopefully.. I will kick your ass ;)

Pssst.. I have promised to take out the videocamera for this event, for some IRL videos of me, Kat and Mr D playing this NCL Round!.. we’ll see if I make it happen!!! xD





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