My NCL – Backgammon Team


I and Katjziska lost yet another NCL backgammon round.. this time against rakede.. and Traker14.

Katjziska lost with 1-7 against rakede.. and I lost with 4-7 against Traker14.. there never was time to play the last games….. =/ as when we finally got a hold of rakede and traker last night, we didnt have time to play because of the sweep competition… 

Well, hopefully we can turn this around :)

I mean.. right now we have 1 won game and 4 loses..!! :D


And I must say that I am disappointed on the outcome of NCL backgammon tour so long.. and that because there is way too many games that arent played for different reasons !!

Would it help if we had longer time to play the rounds? Like in the couronne part in group round 2??? to have two active rounds at once..?





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2 responses to “NCL BG!

  1. Landskrona

    Surely it would help. But shame that it should come to that. If people just tried to match the task they once signed up for it wouldn’t be necessary to change the time limit. But again, if that is what it takes to get more games played, then I would not hesitate increasing the time.
    Being admin, that is. :)

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