Tonights clean sweep competition!


Here I will update the participating players clean sweeps.

We are playing between 9pm-10.30pm CET!


Puffe – 11 sweeps

Kliffhanger – 11 sweeps

iiindes – 10 sweeps

hjerterNio – 9 sweeps

Simon (DK) – 3 sweeps

marrubou 3 sweeps

Luckyshoot – 2 sweeps

riiiv – 1 sweep

zonic – 1 sweep

baddabing – 0 sweep


Puffe and Kliffhanger had 11 sweeps each when time ran out.. and they played about whom swept first to win… Puffe won, but it was CLOSE.. they swept right after eachother !! :D


Thanks for a fun sweeping night :)







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5 responses to “Tonights clean sweep competition!

  1. iiindes

    TRAMSIGT.. inofficiellt så vann jag.. alla vet det

  2. kliff

    ja, det var roligt och riktigt tight^^

  3. LuckyShoot

    Hehe jäklar vad ni sweepa när jag stack :P

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