NCL Bg Game Round 2, on Group Round 1.


In this NCL Backgammon Team match 2, I and Katjziska were up against Päron and Kliffhanger… anyhow, clearly Kliffhanger decided to drop out without letting me know.. I and Katjziska had walkoverwins counted in against him.. but we decided to give the team a second chance as anders jumped in and took Kliffhanger’s spot in the team!! :) We gave them 24 hours more for this round – til tonight to get the games played against us.

Thats the reason the points havent got updated for game round 2 yet, will get done soon though ;)

Cause now we have played our games against Päron’s team..

Let me just say that we havent got ourselves a good start in this team backgammon tournament… :(

We lost this round too.

Game results:
Katjziska vs Päron 1-7
marru vs Päron 7-1
marru vs anders 6-7
Katjziska vs anders



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