League game – marru vs scandalplayer!

I have just played a really long couronne league game against scandalplayer.. I think it was a really fun game as I went in for all the league game spirit, and I think we played about 1 hour ;)

Lost count of how many tie games we got together.. oh my..


            [How do you think this set ended?]

Wanna see how the game ended? Check out my video :

I never thought I would say this, but thanks for a fun game scandalplayer.. you gave me the chance to get a whole lot of league game practice ;)




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8 responses to “League game – marru vs scandalplayer!

  1. scandalplayer

    Why didnt you think you could do that? Thanks for a GG. Well, I will tell you a little secret what was going on behind mu back in the last set. My daughter came to me and told me she had to finish her schooljob on the computer I was playing on also using the writer connected to it. I tiold her to use my laptop meanwhile I was trying to finish the game.
    Its very probable you would have won anyway, but if I had a calm background I would have used the “pot the ring in the pot” shot, just to complicate it more. But I took a chance not to, and the favour to over.
    I promise I give you a even better game next week.

  2. scandalplayer

    I wrote in the end:
    “But I took a chance not to, and the favour to over.”

    I ment:
    “But I took a chance not to, and the favour of having green took over.”

  3. I see. It isnt too easy to always have a calm background, not on those long games at least ;)

    I think you will make it to elite this week even by your loss against me.. either way we have many games like this to look forward too :)

    • scandalplayer

      Thanks – Personally Im not sure I will reach elite, as most probably the game against North Star will be reset by DaCa and therefore will be continued from 2-2 and me green. In some stupid way lately I have managed to loose those last necessary games. So I guess I must make more tries to reach Elite. My personal goal is to reach 100 weeks in Elite.
      Btw – Ask Mr D if he has noticed he is only 2 weeks ahead of me regarding weeks in elite but we have equal amount of Elite Golds.

      • Ah, hopefully you will make it.. just go for it :)

        Sweet.. I’m going for the same, in backgammon league.. when I get back to lg there :)

        In couronne league I’m just aiming to even to get to elite again, hehe.

        I will ask Mr D!! =D

  4. scandalplayer

    Really – It wasnt my intention to bring what I am going to tell you up.
    I did as North Star asked me to; I told DaCa to reset the game, so North Star and I would replay, as North Star told me his connection was broken.
    We were supposed to replay from 2-2 and me green.
    So, what happened?
    The game was reset. No problem so far.
    Ok, When we came to 1-2. Who cares about who gets to 2 first?
    After I expected North Star to give me some chance to get 2-2; When he found out he had a chance to reach 3-2, he didnt give me a chance and he went for 3-2.
    And so it happened.
    Man, who will expect me to accept a replay in the future, due to some connection problem for the opponent?
    So, what happened was, I lost my win and he won.

    Check his presentation and try to find out if North Star is serious?

    • scandalplayer

      I simply had no spirits for the last game.
      I mean, I was going to check the situation in the evening – and suddenly I was challenged by NS and couldnt say “no”.
      I hadnt played a set for 3 days.
      See you again next week in 1A, as I was expecting from the start

  5. bah :/ well, good luck this week!

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