NCL Game Round 2 on R1.


My NCL Team


We were really looking forward round 2 of NCL.. it was supposed to me and tuggummi! that played this round.. but as we never got a hold of the players in the other team before the weekend Katjziska took tuggummi’s spot to play if the players show up.. :)

Yesterday I got to play one game, and it was against +summerjam+.. I won it with 3-2 :)

Will that be all we need for the win of this round?

We have tried and tried to get games with the guys in Spiken’s team, without further success…

Hopefully they will be online tonight before the time runs out.

Have you guys played round 2 yet? If you have, how did it go? :D

And what do you think about the tournament so long?



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